What Is Reseller Hosting?

People are wondering: what is reseller hosting? This service allows anyone with basic administration skills to create a small hosting company without their own equipment. The reseller undertakes all routine actions (communication with customers and provision of technical support). So, he is provided with significant discounts, due to which he makes a profit. 

How reseller hosting is organized

Quite often, web studios that develop Internet sites use hosting reselling. This approach allows us to provide a full package of services, and technical support does not create problems. Since the web studio already communicates closely with the client.

Resale of hosting is carried out using special software, the process looks quite simple:

  • A reseller rents a server from a large provider, on which the software necessary for reseller hosting is installed in a semi-automatic mode. 
  • The reseller creates accounts for his clients and provides access to the cPanel.
  • Clients work with a reseller on the terms set by him, paying for services through the panel in automatic mode. 
  • Renting a hosting for them is no different from working with a regular top-level provider.

In essence, reselling is an intermediary activity in which a reseller provides services under its own brand and sets its own tariffs. He does not have to deal with the maintenance of the hardware and software part of the server. But communication with end customers and technical support at the hosting level is completely on his shoulders.

How to become a reseller

To do this, you need to rent a dedicated server and install on it the selected server OS distribution kit. As well as the software required for hosting reselling, you can see the favorable rates with us. This approach is quite simple and the least expensive. Thanks to which you can become a full-fledged hosting provider without large financial investments. 

All the necessary equipment is already installed in the data center and configured. Your tasks include only working with clients and solving technical problems that arise.

Features of the reseller’s work

It is important to understand that a reseller is accountable to their customers. For full-fledged work, you need to work at an expert level with cPanel and WHM. You should have basic administration skills and be able to quickly transfer sites from another hosting. 

Keep in mind that even if hosting rental is ideally automated, the client will always be able to find problems. The ability to quickly eliminate them is the main requirement for a reseller.

How to become a successful reseller

If you plan to make reselling not just an auxiliary service, but a serious business, be sure to follow two basic rules:

  • Respond promptly to customer problems as quickly as possible, especially during business hours.
  • Give yourself a competitive edge – offer the client serious advantages or unique opportunities.

Hosting reselling is a great way to build your own successful business without investing in expensive equipment. You just have to search and attract new customers to whom you can sell services under your own brand, independently determining the pricing policy.